Insurances for your personnel

Group Life & Personal

Accident Cover

The basic cover under a Group Life policy is accidental / natural death occurring to the insured person anywhere in the world. This can be extended to include Permanent and Temporary Disability following Accidents. The benefit limit per employee can be selected. The Workmen's Compensation insurance while providing benefits against industrial injury and death excludes natural death. Therefore, it is recommended that this cover be taken either as an extension of Workmen's Compensation insurance or independently as a standalone cover. Various options are available.



The Medical Insurance program takes care of outpatient and in-patient costs. Medical Insurance plans operate in two basic ways. One is on reimbursement basis while the other is on direct settlement basis. The direct settlement schemes provide a cashless facility whereby no money has to be paid by the insured (but for the agreed excess) for treatment. If the reimbursement basis is opted for then the patient settles the bills/ invoices with the concerned clinic/ hospital / pharmacy and puts in papers to claim reimbursement.

Medical insurance is full of ifs, buts and exclusions. It is very important that you are aware of all such extensions and provisions. There are options to buy back many of the exclusions.

Gargash is authorized by HAAD (Health Authority-Abu Dhabi) to participate as insurance broker in the health insurance scheme of Abu Dhabi.

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Travel Insurance packages offer comprehensive cover for the medical & associated expenses, personal liability, personal accident cover, loss of money or baggage, loss of passport, etc. while on business or holiday travel. Annual Travel Insurance for the business executives who travel quite frequently can also be arranged.



The basic cover provides financial protection if the assured is diagnosed as suffering from a (defined) critical illness. This includes cancer, stroke, first heart attack, kidney failure, loss of hearing, loss of speech, benign brain tumor, etc. Various schemes designed to provide compensation to the assured and his family.

Key Man


This insurance covers disruption in business due to loss or impairment of Key employees or key persons. Business can be put in serious jeopardy by the death of a key employee, a partner or key shareholder. It is possible to insure against death or illness of key persons in the organization whose continued presence is essential for continuance of the operations. Generally, in case of a partner or a shareholder, the proceeds can be used to buy back shares in the name of that individual. In case any individual in your establishment is identified as a Key Person central to continued progress of operations, we shall be in a position to provide cover.

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Erection All Risks Insurance

This policy is specifically designed to protect the interest of parties involved in a contract e.g. Principal / Contractors / Sub Contractors. Apart from the contract works itself, the Principals Surrounding Property as well as Third Party Liability can be covered under this policy. The policy can be taken either for individual projects or as Annual Policy to cover various projects within the parameters defined.