Liability Insurance

General Third

Party Liability

Organisations can be dragged to court in today's litigious environment for various reasons (right or wrong). It can be for an injury to a visitor on your premises or damage to some adjoining property due to your negligence or one of your employees damaging some one else's property in the course of doing work to name a few reasons. If the concerned authorities hold you responsible for the resultant damages the payout could potentially be in millions. Hence, all organisations need to have this policy in some form or the other. Cost of defending such actions can also be covered under this insurance.

The standard policy form in most cases would need customisation to ensure that a wider range of potential liabilities would be covered.

Workmen's Compensation

(Employer's Liability)

An organisation in capacity of an employer can carry a potential liability towards Employees who may die or get injured during the course of carrying out their duties. The provisions of the relevant labor laws govern this liability. (Chapter VIII of Federal Labour Law No. 8 - UAE).

Over and above the employees or their heirs may sue the Employer in a civil court under common law. The Workmen's Compensation policy will provide indemnification to the Employer against these risks.

Basic cover can be extended to protect both Employers and Employees interest.



Organisations which are engaged in manufacturing, sale or service of products need to consider cover for liability for loss, damage and/or injuries arising out of use of their products. Potentially, the claims can be a very high magnitude. This exposure mainly falls on manufacturers though there have been instances where in the first instance claims have been lodged on the local suppliers / agent.

If you are involved in such an activity it is essential for you to review your exposures in detail.